Monday, December 26, 2011

My "love language"

The holidays were insane here. And from the sounds of it, it was insane everywhere.
My house was never so full of people and dogs and food and presents than it was yesterday. I'm still recovering, which is bad news for me considering I have to drive 8 hours back to Nashville tomorrow. I swear, every time I come home it doesn't feel like long enough. However, when I feel guilted that I haven't seen people as frequently as they/I would have liked, I have to remind myself that I do make the long haul from Tennessee to Michigan more often than most (at least every 3 months). So, I guess that makes me feel a little better. It was funny tonight though, talking with old friends from high school over beers and glasses of wine at a local restaurant, about our family life... I would say with utmost certainty that I'm closer with my family than most people I grew up with, even people that I'm currently friends with now in Nashville. No doubt that it's a blessing, but it doesn't come without consequence. I definitely feel the strain like I could have spent more time with "so and so" every time I load up the car to drive back. But 8 hours later, when I'm exhausted from my drive back, I tend to forgive myself and praise God that me & the Buick made it yet another 1000 mile trip.

Been talking to a lot of people about the current book I'm reading/listening to on audio book called "The Five Love Languages". I asked everyone at dinner tonight and it sparked a rather interesting conversation. According to this book, everyone has a dominant "love language". And if your partner doesn't recognize/understand that language then communication within that relationship pretty much a fruitless effort. It says that out of the following, one is dominant over all in your "love language": Words of Affirmations, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.

While listening to this book on the trip up, I related to my most recent ex-boyfriends (which I've only had 2 ex-boyfriends for this year, if you were counting). I think I've nailed down what each one of their individual "love language" was, which was mind stimulating enough. Then the second half of the book is determining what yours is. I'm pretty sure I've got that pegged as well. However, that is for another blog entry. One in which I have more time and I will be not quite so buzzed from cheap local Pinot Noir.

Until next time, sweet blog o' mine ;)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

When you come from crazy...

I'm in Michigan.
'Nuff said.

Just kidding :)

I spent the afternoon with my sisters and my brother, trying to finish up the Christmas gift for our parents, that once again, we were piecing together at the very last minute. It was during our "soap opera/fake family meltdown" in the middle of Belleville's Walmart, amongst the inappropriate comments and the pulling of each other's hair, I realized...I have no hope of ever being 'normal'. My brother and I singing Adele (throwing in some crazy interpretive dance moves) throughout our kitchen and creating completely vulgar song parodies and raps in a serious manner. Again, not so normal. When my sister and I danced nonstop for hours in the local bar last night like we were in a never-ending Zumba class, full of dips, Michael Jackson moves, cheerleading jumps, and her holding my head to her chest (considering I'm 5'1 and she's 5' just seemed natural), only breaking to go swig on OJ and vodka out of a water bottle in the bathroom. Again, not normal.

My grandmother asked me yesterday, "So do you think you and ___ broke up because he met our crazy family?" Wow, Granny...way to put the pin to the balloon. Actually, no, I don't. However, I will say that seeing the root of my craziness was probably a bit eye-opening for him. My sister proceeds to add salt to the wound by saying, "Yeah, from here on out, I'll meet your new boyfriend when you're married." Great. This said by the girl who's had the same boyfriend for 4 years. If I make it to 4 months, I'm impressed with myself. Apparently I didn't inherit the "committment" gene.

So yes, I've been single less than 3 weeks now and yes, I've gone out with several different gentlemen. Most of them didn't go beyond the 2nd date. Butttt...that doesn't mean that I don't want a "relationship" persay. Or that I wouldn't like to keep someone around longer than a few months, especially after meeting mi familia. I guess this is where we separate the weak from the strong, the boys from the men. If meeting my family aids in this, then so be it. Because let it be said, I've never laughed harder, fought louder, danced crazier, or just been downright entertained than when I come home to see my family.

At this very moment, my little bubsy Nolan is reached for my phone that's right beside me. Might not be a bad idea to turn over my cell to a one year old. I'm sure he'd make better decisions with it than me.


And now I'm distracted because Mom's demanding my help in the kitchen for our big Polish feast tonight. This should be amusing.
Me. My mother. In a kitchen.
Someone make a YouTube video of this please.


Sunday, December 18, 2011


Had a friend text me tonight and asked how I was doing. I responded with the typical "Oh, things are great. Super busy, but I'm good." I then got the response of "No, are you doing?" Kind of stopped me in my tracks for a minute.

Let's just say this much...
I cannot possibly keep up with myself these days. And to be quite honest with you, I probably don't wouldn't want to anyway.

I am looking soooo forward to a week away from everything & everyone but my crazy/hysterical family in Michigan. I never think of my time in Michigan as a time to "rejunvenate" or "re-prioritize" by any means, but being around people who know you/love you/accept you through and through is a comfort you only know with your family. I can't wait. And seeing my little peanut excites me in ways I cannot even explain. Seriously. I've had a half bottle of Chardonnay with my co-workers after our shift tonight and I literally cannot explain it ;)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Intro into chaos...

So, I've created another blog.
I've had several over the years and got really bored with them after a few months. However, with this crazy streak of drama/laughs/tears/and just downright consistant entertainment that has been my life over the last couple months, I felt it unfair to keep it all to myself. I needed another outlet. And besides, people get really annoyed when you post things on Facebook, making your life sounds cooler than theirs. Not my fault if it is or if it isn't. All I know is that the life I've been given was not meant for the faint of heart. An ex-boyfriend years ago told me that being with me was like being on a rollercoaster. At the time, I was super offended (can't imagine how I didn't foresee that relationship's demise) but obviously, now I see the light. And instead of trying to fight it. I embrace it.

So here it is...

I'm crazy.

I'm loud, I'm fiesty, I have no filter, I'm honest to a tee, and I demand respect if I'm giving it to you. I think like a guy but want to be treated like a lady. Threaten my family, a friend, or my two dogs and I will go Detroit so fast on your ass, you won't know what hit you ;) I have Britney Spears dance parties in my kitchen twice a week, I love a good Rum & Diet, nothing trumps a night with my dogs, Neflix and a good pizza, I call my Granny "sexaaaay", I write songs about stupid boys because it's something I have plenty of experience in, I can't say No to gossip magazines, I laugh constantly because it beats being pissed all the time, my 1 year old nephew is honestly the light of my life, I can't justify spending money on purses & shoes, I drive a ghetto Buick, and I happen to find my 3 younger siblings the most hysterical human beings on this planet.

I'm a lot to take in, I know. And sometimes, in some relationships, around some people, I do the 'woman thang' where we try to be " a little less this and a little more of that." It doesn't work. Ever. So, not to sound barbaric & beat on my chest, announcing "I am woman, here me roar" but yeah...At this stage in my life, living what I've lived through, having people come and go through the years, dating who I've dated, I've wised up...I'm done apologizing for being myself. Get it, got it, good ;)